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Join the Mindful Meander Tribe – a true soul nurturing, mindful and supportive, balanced life-building membership community that gives you the tools to stay on track creating your pathway to that balanced life.

Somewhere along the line you took some steps to find that balance in your life.
Finding it is one thing, keeping that balance is something totally different!

Finding that balance isn't a once-off thing, it's whole-life thing!

You think you got it all covered and then suddenly something happens in your life. I know what it feels like when life throws everything around. You have the idea that you need to start over again. You are trying out different things, doing your research and listening to all that advice. It goes from reading books, listening to webinars and podcast and surfing the web with keywords like self-care, tips to live a balanced life,…

You don’t know anymore how to get back on track and you end up not doing anything at all.

I’m Peggy, life coach and a Backyard Hiker.

I am here to help fine folks like you to find their stride and take the precious time to pursue their dreams and goals without feeling guilty for making the space in their lives to do so.

I created the Mindful Meander Tribe to help you stay focused, stay consistent, find more balance in your day-to-day life and stay motivated with your goals throughout the year!

Think of it as your accountability partner, self-care inspiration, support and connection to help you not only find that balance in your life but stay on track as well!

No more struggling to find out what your next step is going to be because, we are going to do this together!

We are going to clear that fuzzy mess in your head right up and find the best way to help you reconnect with yourself and live the happy, joyous, fulfilling life you’ve been dreaming of.

Get control over your busy life, learn how to plan, find time to do the things you want to do.

Go from feeling overwhelmed to knowing what YOU want!

Every month, we are going to take step-by-step goals that will lead you right where you want to go.

Wherever you want to go from here, the Mindful Meander Tribe can take you there.

Hands on live-workshop each month

Every month we are going to dive into a new topic that will help you find that balance in your life! Each training is accompanied by easy-to-follow action sheets guiding you towards a specific result.

Monthly “stay on track” group coaching call

Once a month I'll organize a live group coaching call where I’m available to answer all your questions. I’m there to support you as you go through the trainings or have questions about whatever you could use some assistance with.

Weekly open Backyard Hours

Get my personalized input into achieving your goals and dreams. Instead of loosing your sleep over it, get the answers right away!

A virtual coffee date with me, myself and I

No better way to start off on the right foot than to get to know each other a bit better. Once you join we'll plan our virtual coffee date. I'll just have some milk please...

Monthly "Book Of The Month" inspiration

Reading books is - besides going outside - one of my favorite ways of self-care. I'll try to inspire you every month with a fiction and non-fiction book to read. Members input is highly appreciated!

Private Mindful Meander group

Inside the Mindful Meander private group, you'll have the opportunity to connect with like-minded people. Being a part of a supporting community will make you feel as though you are a part of something greater than yourself. It will give you the boost you need to reach your goals and dreams.

"I already am benefiting from the personal attention you offer the “tribe” and look forward to the upcoming months!

Sandy Schild

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does my membership start and finish?
Right now! You will receive access as soon as you register and keep access as long as you pay the monthly or annual membership fee.
How do I cancel the Mindful Meander Tribe membership?
The membership is designed to allow you to come and go as you please. Stay for as long as you like and when you’re ready to leave click into your account and unsubscribe on the ‘Manage Subscriptions’ page or send an email to [email protected]
What if I am unhappy with the membership?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase and you decide that the Mindful Meander isn't your cup of tea, you just request a refund within 30 days after your first subscription payment. Send an email to [email protected] to request a refund.
I’m so busy, I don’t know where I would find the time!
Finding time to do the things you want to do is one of the reasons you joined in the first place. That's why all the coaching trainings are to the point. You can spend as much time implementing the ideas as you want.
How long do I have access to the content?
You have access to all the trainings and content in the membership and to the private Mindful Meander group as long as your subscription is current and paid.

"Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. it will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you." - Robin Sharma

I know how it feels like to invest in yourself, it's scary, do you really need it, can't I just do it on my own?

I know what it’s like to have no idea how to get started to make your dreams come true.

I know what it’s like to do this all on your own. with the constant thought of, “Can I even do this? Am I doing the right thing?”

But I also know how to step away from that and get to the other side. I made it my personal mission statement to inspire and motivate powerful woman like you to find that balance in their life!

When you join me today, we'll go on this journey together, not only today, tomorrow, but as long as you want to stay around. I will inspire you with my enthusiasm and ideas for how to achieve that balanced life, how to create your pathway towards those goals and dreams.

You have it in you, you just need to make it happen.

To your journey,

P.S. This is not a quick fix. Finding your balance takes a lot of hustle and heart. It takes work. I’ve taken every effort to make it as easy as possible. I’m here to support you as much as I can, but you have to show up to the party first!

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