Forward Focus

6 1:1 1 - Let me be your personal guide on your journey towards that balanced life!

Trying to find out what you really want in life can be daunting. Especially when you need to do it all on your own. Sometimes you could use some support. Either to get you started or to keep you going until you hit that next milestone!

Wherever you are in your journey, I'm sure that I can help you out with our personalized Forward Focus coaching program.

6 1:1 1

For the next three months, we’ll plan a 1-hour tête-à-tête every two weeks where we look at the different aspects to find what it is that thrives you.

In between our coaching calls, you can reach out to me when you need some support. I have to warn you, there will be some action required from your side!

Every chat we’ll finish with some homework that you can tackle to get a step closer into reaching your goals.

The whole idea is to focus on going forward!

Get started now!

Your Instructor


Hi, I’m Peggy, A Backyard Hiker, born and raised in Belgium, refined in South Africa.

I found the direction I was looking for when I allowed myself to get a little lost by venturing outside – both in terms of my safe little comfort zone and my literal house. In the process I learned a lot about zoning in on the things that make me tick, and now I am guiding others to do the same.

As a certified Life Coach, I am here to help fine folks like you to find their stride and take the precious time to pursue their dreams and goals without feeling guilty for making the space in their lives to do so. We’ll be taking action, kicking overthinking to the curb, jettisoning the idea of being perfect, and get you on a path towards a happier you.

I’ll be your guide on your journey through a process that will unleash the happier version of you and turn you into a confident person that has her priorities straight. You’ll be able to look back and say goodbye to the old you and embrace the new path you’ve carved out for yourself.

Yours truly, Peggy - Life Coach and a Backyard Hiker