Unlock YOUR pathway to that balanced life!

A balance between what you HAVE to do and WANT to do.

Welcome, I’m Peggy, a Backyard Hiker and I am here to inspire and help fine folks like you to find your stride and take the precious time to pursue your dreams and goals. To find that balance between the things you HAVE to do and WANT to do.

I know you’re longing to take those next steps that will allow you to live a life full of adventures and excitement doing the things you love. Today is without a doubt the best time to take that first step towards growing into the person you want to become.

Odds are that you are so overwhelmed at the amount of conflicting self care and motivational info out there that you don’t know which way is up. Believe me, you are not alone my friend. It is a noisy time right now – everyone and everything out there is trying to get your attention. Yes, that's me included me ;-)

At one point you might get so frustrated that it becomes very easy to lose sight of what your journey means to you and end up doing nothing at all.

That's why I've made it easy for you... I've created three easy ways to get started:

  • Join the Mindful Meander Tribe, a membership were you can connect with like minded people also on their journey to that balanced life.
  • Enroll for the signature course Rewild Your Senses - Live. A 8-week journey were we find out what drives you and how you get a better idea of how your balanced life can look like!
  • Forward Focus is a personalized program were it's just the two of us that go on that journey. I'll be your private guide and lead you every step of the way to unravel your pathway.

Don't wait any longer, start today!